Masters Ranking
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The participation in this survey is completely free of charge. To do so, you just need to fulfill and submit a form for each program that you want to compete.

This ranking concerns:

  • Second year of Masters’ Degree (both professional and research oriented)
  • Higher Education Diplomas (recruiting from a first year of Masters level)
  • Masters Programs
  • Specialized Masters (MS)
  • Masters of Science and Masters of Arts
  • MBA and specialized MBA
  • Any other program that grants 5 or 6 years of superior studies

As you are:

  • President or director of a Higher Education Institution
  • Communications Director
  • Masters, MS or MBA Director
  • Professor Responsible for a Master, MS or MBA
  • Administrative manager of a Masters, MS or MBA

You can participate in our survey.

If your Institution is ranked amongst the Eduniversal 1,000 Best Business Schools Ranking*, by fulfilling the survey, your programs will compete within two rankings:

  • Eduniversal Best Masters, MS and MBA Ranking
  • Eduniversal Masters Ranking

*To access the list of the Ranking, click here.

Eduniversal Rankings were designed to:

  • Recognize the areas of expertise of universities and schools and to better identify their various programs.
  • Give recruiters the opportunity to detect the best programs among nearly 60 specialties and making them consider the recruitment of the graduates.
  • Give students the opportunity to access a reference source of programs based on market-oriented criteria and facilitating them in their job quest.

By filling out a questionnaire for each of your master programs, you ensure that Eduniversal can collect all the relevant data to perform the assessment of your program.

In case of lack of information or motivation to answer the entire questionnaire, we will take the received responses into consideration.

The fact of not answering some questions because you cannot do it or you do not wish so will not mean an absence of rank, but it may reduce the overall grade of your program. Actually, we cannot exclude any program from the Ranking just because of a lack of answers on the survey. Our role is to inform the students and the companies about the existing programs, every French program is able to appear in the Eduniversal Ranking.

Answering the Ranking includes only one risk: gaining in progression!

PLEASE NOTE: You can only offer your students the possibility of sharing their academic experience and realize that this can improve your evaluation. If you do not submit your students’ information, they will not be able to answer the questionnaire.

To register, please follow the steps below:

  • Click on the tab “Registration – Business Schools & Universities” on the right hand side of your screen. You will then be able to log on the platform.
  • Once your subscription is validated, you will receive your login and password by email within 48 hours. If you were already registered for/in the past years, it is not necessary to do all the registration process again because new login and password are sent to you every year.
  • Once your subscription is validated, you may register all the programs you wish to wish to be ranked. Make sure that you complete a separate form for each academic program.

Several people from the same institution may register independently for different programs: universities and schools are free to manage their participation in the survey as they wish.

Who answers the questionnaire for schools and universities?

The institutions have their own discretion. According to different schools, this person could be:

  • President or director of a Higher Education Institution
  • Communications Director
  • Masters, MS or MBA Director
  • Professor Responsible for a Master, MS or MBA
  • Administrative manager of a Masters, MS or MBA
  • Etc.

One form for one program: you have to complete a separate form for each academic program.

Survey duration and rhythm: your answers can be given very quickly. It depends on whether or not you have the statistical data requested. The questionnaire consists of 11 steps which you can complete in the order and at the pace you prefer.

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To participate in the survey as a student, you must be registered by your university or by the director of the master or MBA program that you attend (or you have attended) during 2018 - 2019.

Once it is done, you will automatically receive your invitation by email. If not, please enter your email address below to receive it again :

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