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You are eligible to fill out the student satisfaction survey if:

  • You are currently studying or you have finished this year a Masters’ Program, a MS, a MBA or another program that grants 5 or 6 years of superior studies.
  • Your program is registered on the platform by the representative of your institution. This representative must provide us with a student contact list containing your email address. It allows us to confirm that you have been enrolled in the program and you are entitled to participate in the survey.

If your master program has not yet participated in the survey, please see the section “how to participate”.

Student’s satisfaction feedback plays a key role in our evaluation.

By participating in the questionnaire:

  • You can share your academic experience, thus the other students all over the world can benefit from it.
  • Moreover, this piece of information will be appreciated by the companies who recruit highly qualified specialists.

This survey provides you with an opportunity to express your opinion and take part in the development of your program! You can say to what extent your program has met your expectations!

Your opinion is very valuable and allows getting key information about the program’s contents and the life inside de program.  Receiving your adequate feedback will not only result in a more accurate program ranking, but also better recognition of your master and institution of study.

The student participation has a direct impact on the ranking of the programs and their international reputation. Moreover, the students play an essential role in informing the other students all over the world and the companies worldwide.

The student satisfaction survey, comprised of 14 questions will be sent by e-mail to students and recent graduates. A mark is given to the relevant program when at least 20 % of the students have answered the survey (with a minimum of 5 people for the class of 25 students).

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Eduniversal highly expects to hear the voice of the students and gives a great importance to their opinions.

To give your opinion on the Master, MS or MBA Program either if you are enrolled in at this moment or if you have been recently, it is needed:

  • Your program must have been registered by the Director of your program or by anyone else belonging to your University or School, on the survey platform. This free registration is made through this platform, on the section “Universities and Business Schools”
  • Your program’s director must inform his/her students of the survey and provide us with a student contact list containing your personal information (email, name and surname). It allows us to confirm that you have been enrolled in the program

If these two conditions are accomplished, you will receive an invitation by email with your login and password, and then you will be able to log in and fill out the student’s satisfaction survey.

Your Master or MBA program has not yet been submitted for evaluation in the Eduniversal Best Masters, MS and MBA Ranking, but you want to take part in the survey?

Ask your program Director to register on this platform (Section “Universities and Business Schools”) and to submit your program (free of charge).

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To participate in the survey as a student, you must be registered by your university or by the director of the master or MBA program that you attend (or you have attended) during 2018 - 2019.

Once it is done, you will automatically receive your invitation by email. If not, please enter your email address below to receive it again :

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