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All the HR representatives who recruit the personnel with an excellent educational background from any kind of company (no matter the size or sector) are eligible to participate in the survey:

  • Recruiters, HR specialists, managers, headhunters, etc.
  • Those recruiting on a local, national and international level.
  • Those knowing the labor market and making conscious decisions while recruiting the personnel.

Best Masters, MS and MBA Ranking Survey is a dialogue between the world of education and the labor market: the voice of each HR specialist reflects the expectations of the labor market and is a very valuable piece of information for the students and academic institutions. It may allow the academic institutions to adjust their educational offer to the current needs of the market and raise a number of suitable candidates on long term.

Each and every participant of the current survey influences the results of the Best Masters, MS and MBA Ranking which is annually published on our official website

Consequently, while sharing your expertise and knowledge, telling which Masters/MS/MBA programs you appreciate the most, which are the most efficient, which have a good teaching level, in which specialties, which skills do they develop the most… you take part in creating a helpful tool, used worldwide by students and companies.

Eduniversal Best Masters, MS and MBA Ranking (in France) and Eduniversal Masters Ranking (worldwide) may be an additional source of information for you too!

Participating in the Survey can help you to improve your knowledge about the programs and about the recruiting ground around which you can select your candidates today or tomorrow.

The analysis of the decisions that you make, the types of the candidates that you privilege may be precious also for you. It may help you to define your recruitment strategies facing the tendencies of the market. 

Participation in the survey is quick, simple and free of charge and all the information that you provide is confidential.

To participate in the Survey 2013 please register (click on the right hand side of your screen).

Please note that you are required to use your professional mailbox (it is necessary for the authorization process).

You will receive a login and password within 48 hours. Then you will be able to log in and fill in the survey.

Participation in the survey is very simple and quick: just refer to the topic(s) you already know:

In a first step you choose the domains and the fields of study that you are familiar with.
For example, if you recruit the specialists in marketing, you can choose “Marketing”, if you recruit the specialists in law, you can add “Business and Commercial Law” as well. You are free to choose as many specializations from the list as you wish.

Then, in a second step, you are asked to indicate the schools/universities, and the programs that you value the most when you recruit the personnel 

Participation in the survey is free of charge and all the information that you provide is confidential.

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To participate in the survey as a student, you must be registered by your university or by the director of the master or MBA program that you attend (or you have attended) during 2018 - 2019.

Once it is done, you will automatically receive your invitation by email. If not, please enter your email address below to receive it again :

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