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Eduniversal's Best Masters, MS and MBA survey is over

The results will be available on March 19st, 2016 on

To create the Best Masters, MS and MBA Ranking, Eduniversal needs the participation of three actors:

  • HR Professionals
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • Students

Our methodology is based on 3 main criteria:

  • The reputation of the program
  • The salary of the first employment
  • The students' satisfaction

Reputation criteria is based on quantity (the number of application forms coming from the students) and on quality (depending on the acknowledgment degree of the program from HR Representatives as well as from other programs of the same kind)

The salary and the first employment after the program are evaluated in accordance to the information given by schools and universities

Student’s satisfaction is evaluated through a survey addressed at a representative sample of the class, minimum 20 % of the students (with a minimum of 5 people per class of less than 25 students)

The programs which can take part into this ranking are: Second year of Masters’ Degree with a professional or a research orientation, Higher Education Diplomas, Specialized Masters, Masters of Sciences, MBA, as well as any other program that grants 5 or 6 years of superior studies.

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CAREFUL: If your Institution is ranked amongst the Eduniversal 1,000 Best Business Schools Ranking*, by fulfilling the survey, your programs will compete within two rankings:

Eduniversal Best Masters, MS and MBA Ranking Eduniversal Masters Ranking

*To access the list of the Ranking, click here.

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To participate in the survey as a student, you must be registered by your university or by the director of the master or MBA program that you attend (or you have attended) during 2019 - 2020.

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